Talks at St. George's German Lutheran Church

Tuesday 28 April 2020 (6.30pm). The Land without Music?.

In 1904, Oskar Adolf Hermann Schmitz described Britain as Das Land ohne Musik. Was this a fair comment and, if so, why? A talk by Philip Norman, looking at how British music at times either lagged behind or advanced beyond European music.

Tickets £5 on the door.


Tuesday 12 May 2020 (6.30pm). The history of the Lord Mayoralty of the City of London.

A talk by Julian Romain.

Tickets £5 on the door.


Tuesday 16 June 2020 (6.30pm). 'The women who helped and healed'.

The work of the Parish Sisters at St George’s (with unveiling of their portraits and a commemorative plaque). A talk by Anette Jäger.

Tickets £5 on the door.


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