Adding Your Names of Interest

This page tells you how to add your name of interest so that others can see what you are researching. There are two ways you can add your names of interest:

1: Mitteilungsblatt

The "'Names of interest' pages in each edition of Mitteilungsblatt (our quarterly magazine) show the German names members are interested in, with place names.

Certain abbreviations are used when showing German state names and some English counties. When completing the application form, new members are asked to use the modern state name their town/village of interest falls in, this will help other members to locate the place names more easily on a modem map of Germany and may help in establishing a family connection.

Also, by giving the state name it will act as a census to perhaps establish where the majority of German immigrants to the United Kingdom originated from. Please remember that "Prussia" in one form or another at one time covered much of Germany, and giving the place name Hannover/Hanover could mean either the city of that name or the old Kingdom. Maps and atlases in a local public library will help you to identify the state name for your town or village.

If, when you join the Society, you do not know your ancestor's birth place or the state name but through later research you are fortunate to discover more about your ancestor, please forward the new information to the Secretary, including any new family names found, and these will appear in the next available edition of Mitteilungsblatt and be added to the "Members' Interests" booklet, this service is free of charge.


2: On the website

Members' names of interest can also be posted to the web site with your name and contact information (usually your e-mail address).

Contact the Website Editor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information.