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Local meetings

From time to time some local groups hold their own meetings. Use the contact details below to find out more:


5th October 2019

Weston-super-Mare, N Somerset

On Saturday, 5th October, Jenny and Peter Towey are hosting a regional meeting at their home in Weston-super-Mare. We will be “open” from 11am to 5pm – so you can arrive/leave any time between those hours. Cheese and biscuits will be provided for lunch (but do bring your own lunch if you prefer).

The Names Index, reference books and the Society shop will all be available. You are welcome to come along to ask questions, chat about German FH or FH in general or to ask others how they did their research.

Our address details are on the inside front and rear covers of the Blatt: do park in the drive if space available.

Jenny Towey, Vice-President