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On 25th May 2018 a significant change and consolidation of the Data Protection law in UK and the EU will be introduced. This document explains our role and responsibilities in managing the personal data that you have given to the Society in the light of this new legislation. Personal data is any information in digital or physical form that identifies any aspect about you and includes, for example, name, address, title, e-mail address and telephone number, where you have entrusted that information to us.

We hold physical data in the form of completed paper membership applications. The membership applications are kept securely by the Membership Secretary at her home. Digital data, which consists of the name and address, e-mail & phone number (where provided) and subscription type and status, is held by the Membership Secretary on her home PC with a back-up copy held by the Treasurer. This data is only accessed by the Membership Secretary. It is not held on a laptop. Information from that list is also shared, as necessary, with other committee members who need from time-to-time to contact members on the business of FoDA.

Your relationship with us: data protection

There is a contractual relationship between you and the Society whereby you pay your membership subscription to enable the Society to provide membership benefits. We commit that:

  • We will not share your details with any third party for marketing purposes. Nor will we contact you directly asking for donations.
  • We will only use your data to manage your membership and related matters, including the information you provide for the purpose of organising events. We will not use it for any other purpose such as profiling.
  • We only hold personal data that you provided in your application to become a member or have subsequently updated.
  • Our privacy policy is displayed on our website.

Your relationship with us: communication preferences

We use the personal information that you have provided to communicate with you about your membership and the work that the Society undertake on your behalf. For example:

  • The Mitteilungsblatt is sent out by post unless arrangements have been made for you to receive it by e-mail.
  • Reminders about subscription renewal will normally be sent out by e-mail. Very occasionally, when attempts to communicate by e-mail and post have failed, we may attempt to contact you by the phone number that you may have provided.

The legislation requires the organisation to identify the Data Controller and Data Processor who are primarily responsible for ensuring good management and security of personal data. The Data Controller is responsible for determining the needs and means for processing personal data (in any format) and the Chairman undertakes this responsibility. The Data Processor is responsible for processing the data on behalf of the Data Controller and the Membership Secretary fulfills this role.

The legislation also introduces a number of individual rights that Members enjoy and these include:

  • To enquire what data we hold and to ensure its accuracy;
  • To be informed of any data security breach; and
  • The right to erase your data if your membership ceases.

You can ask about the data we hold on you, or change your preferred communication methods, at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary.