The following articles or presentations provide information on occupations commonly followed by German immigrants to the UK:


1) Talk by Dr. Barrie Trinder (11 February 2012)

    'Wandering Musicians: German Bands in Victorian England'

2) Article by Dr. Tobias Widmaier (musicologist) (in German)

    'Has Anyone Seen a German Band?' 

3) Summary of a talk given by Karl-Heinz Wuestner (Surrey University, 2009)

    'New light on the German pork butchers in Britain' 

4) The Second Great Pork Butcher Descendants’ Reunion was organised by Karl-Heinz Wüstner in the Hohenlohe Region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, from 3rd to 7th August 2016. Peter Towey has written a report which may be downloaded as a PDF document: PDF. The reunion was also reported in the local paper: PDF.



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