Ashridge Park, Berkhampstead, Herts


During World War 2 the above establishment was used as a military hospital, but there was also at least one large maternity ward there. All the wards were very large wooden structures within the surrounding lovely parkland, with the house used for administration purposes etc.

Expectant mothers attending Charing Cross Hospital, London would be sent to Ashridge Park about a week before the birth of a child was expected and remained there for a minimum of two weeks afterwards. This was in order to keep the mothers and babies out of the heavily bombed areas for a period of time.

My daughter was born at Ashridge Park in May 1944 as I had been working in Berkeley Square, London although living in Sidcup, Kent. The ‘D Day’ invasion began a few days later.

Some family history researchers may have wondered why a family living in or around London at that time had a relative recorded as born in Berkhamstead.

Just a snippet of information of the ‘not so distant’ past!

Rita Levien-Wynne, member 630



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