Hans Munz


Hans was a German POW stationed at the prison camp at RAF Hornchurch, Essex in WW11. He and another POW, whose name was CARL BERGMEYER (spelt from memory) used to visit our home, once this was allowed. I was probably about 8 years old. Hans was kind to me, making furniture for my dolls house and taking me to see Bing Crosby’s film ‘The Bells of St Mary’s’ when it was shown at the camp cinema. He left us these photos when he was repatriated. My grandmother, Mrs BOENKE, was German (Pommeranian neé BUCHHOLZ).

Embossed in white at the base of the photo is ‘Konstanza’, presumably the town in which he was married. He may, of course, have died by now but as I can take copies I would dearly love to be able to return the originals to anyone of his family if possible.

Jean Wright, member 4244


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