Census Of 1881
Dwelling: Dalston Lane German Hospital


1881, FHL film 134 1064, PRO ref RG11, piece 0298, folio 91, page 57

(Spelling of the names as they appear in the transcription has been retained)



Name Position   Place
Adolph Krauss Head Medical Officer U, 29 Bavaria
August Schreiber Medical Officer U, 27 Bavaria
Andreas Krappenhauer First Dispenser U, 27 Bavaria
William Woodward Second Dispenser U, 21 Westwood, Kent
Christiani Burger Matron U, 57 Prussia
Christiani Seip Deaconess U, 42 Prussia  
Elisabeth Schneider Deaconess U, 40 Prussia  
Elise Lipphardt Deaconess U, 38 Prussia
Margaretha Weigel Deaconess U, 31 Prussia
Christine Schutz Deaconess U, 31 Prussia
Clara Almer Deaconess U, 38 Prussia
Catharina Leichner Deaconess U, 42 Grand Duchy of Hesse
Margaretha Nangesser Deaconess U, 38 Grand Duchy of Hesse
Marie Kurtz Deaconess U, 35 Grand Duchy of Hesse
Margaretha Gassner Deaconess U, 49 Switzerland
Auguste Burger Housekeeper U, 21 Prussia
Anna Burger Visitor U, 15 Prussia
Fredericke Wichmann Night Nurse W, 51 Prussia
Anna Petzhold Night Nurse W, 57 Prussia
Louise Osterreich Nurse U, 51 Prussia
Sophie Breden Nurse U, 16 St Georges East, Middx
Marie Schnippert Nurse U, 22 Mecklenburg
Sophie Stete Cook U, 25 Wustemburg (sic)
Marie Kopp Housemaid U, 18 St Georges East, Middx
Anna Schneider Housemaid U, 23 Bavaria
Bertha Lumme Housemaid U, 17 Prussia
Lisette Brown Gate Porter’s Wife M, 30 Grand Duchy of Hesse
Louise Hohmann Gate Porter’s Wife M, 32 Prussia
Franz F E Brown Gate Porter M, 43 Denmark
Heinrich Hohmann Gate Porter M, 38 Prussia
Carl Schwatze House Porter M, 32 Prussia
Johann Gerckens House Porter U, 48 Prussia
Peter Bretz Male Attendant U, 54 Prussia
Juluis Herniann Male Attendant U, 38 Prussia
Heinrich Glass Male Attendant U, 20 Wurtunburg (sic)
Conrad Jaeger Male Attendant U, 24 Grand Duchy of Hesse
James Rouse Coachman M, 24 Hackney, Middx

PATIENTS (quite a few non Germans)

Name Occupation   Place
William S Banks Bricklayers Labourer M, 21 Hackney, Middx
Clemens Salmon   7 Hackney, Middx
Wilhelm Sehr Baker M, 35 Prussia
William Lee Furrier M, 22 none given
William Campbell Butcher U, 17 Walthamstow, Middx
John Shelton   9 none given
Albert Baumann   8 St Georges East, Middx
John Lancaster Slater M, 36 London, Middx
Hermann Appel Boot Maker U, 23 Kentish Town, Middx
James Elridge Bricklayer M, 56 Bow, Middx
Samuel Thompson Glaziers Labourer M, 45 Boro, Surrey
James Kite Bricklayers Labourer U, 21 Hackney, Middx
Frank Rogers   2 Islington, Middx
Percy C Scrive   4 Stoke Newington, Middx
Charles Greig   6 Aldgate, Middx
Florence Fowler   6 Islington, Middx
Auguste Hinz   1 Hanover
Elisabeth Tie   1 Homerton, Middx
Morley Russell   3 Middx
Elisa Sinderhaupt   7m Middx
Harris Hill   4 Stoke Newington, Middx
Anton Scholp   4 St Georges East, Middx
Alfred Muller   6 Islington, Middx
Dorothea Jaeger   7 Smithfield, Middx
Elisa Eichholz   4 St Georges East, Middx
Henry Crutch   2 Hackney, Middx
Emma Bond   10 Hackney, Middx
Elisa Sinderhaupt   U, 40 Grand Duchy of Hesse
Adelhid Kordes   U, 16 Prussia
Marie Fett   U, 57 Prussia
Katherine Schaub   U, 32 Hamburg
Lena Osterholt   U, 16 St Georges East, Middx
Katherine Low   U, 10 Sheffield, York
Eva Siegermann   W, 37 Hungary
Elfrieda Krausse Dressmaker U, 34 Prussia
Susan Rickert General Servant U, 22 Poland
Dorothea Mohnenshim General Servant U, 20 Prussia
Margaret Willig   M, 44 Prussia
Phoebe Williams   U, 32 Bath, Somerset
Therese Radatz   U, 37 Prussia
Marie Winter   U, 21 Austria
Marie Krauss   U, 8 Shoreditch, Middx
Elizabeth Sauer   U, 18 Bethnal Green, Middx
Hannah Copeland   M, 30 Barford, Norfolk
Jane Downs   W, 65 Sussex
Baldwin Bartels General Merchant M, 33 Prussia
Elisa Schoepfer Governess U, 31 Austria
George Warner Chemist U, 28 Wurtemburg
Johann Stier Butcher U, 20 Wurtemburg
Karl Korim Skindresser (Turner) M, 37 Prussia
Robert Kleinfeldt Cigar Maker U, 27 Prussia
Siegfred Angress Printer Compositor U, 25 Prussia
Freidrich Buchholz Tailor U, 23 Prussia
Jacob Wolfson Furrier U, 23 Russia
Casimir Krakowsky Sugar Baker U, 26 Russia
Karl Carle Butcher U, 20 Wurtemburg  
Hermann Kuhnert Confectioner M, 47 Prussia
Max Winterfeldt Commercial Clerk U, 22 Prussia
Friedrich Leypoldt Commercial Clerk U, 21 Wurtemburg
Heinrich Fenne Butcher U, 16 Baden
Conrad Kratzenberg Tailor M, 57 Grand Duchy of Hesse
Wilhelm Eckstein Waiter U, 23 Saxony
Lazarus Freidmann Shoemaker M, 40 Russia
Benno Fischel Commercial Clerk U, 25 Austria
Carl Stieglitz Waiter U, 19 Prussia
Franz Nuber Waiter U, 24 Prussia
Alfred Ballard   7 Hackney, Middx
William Turner   13 Hackney, Middx
Alois Fuchs Waiter U, 25 Austria
William Runge Engineer (SM) U, 25 Denmark
Johann Sommer Sugar Baker M, 37 Prussia
Thomas Bent Bricklayer M, 22 Islington, Middx
Julius Julius Potman W, 40 Prussia
Henry Ricke Gas Stoker U, 25 Germany
August Heinemann Commercial Clerk U, 27 Prussia
Thomas Deller Printers Boy U, 15 Shoreditch, Middx
Frederick Polley Butcher U, 21 Gravesend, Kent
August Becker Baker U, 22 Prussia
William Maes Baker U, 26 Prussia
Henry Fraser Commercial Clerk U, 38 Prussia
Carl Hum Butler U, 43 Germany
Johann Schalck Starch Maker U, 18 Whitechapel, Middx
Wilhelm Urbach Boot Maker M, 29 Prussia
Friederich Fischer Baker U, 25 Wurtemburg
Peter Petersen Sailor U, 33 Sweden
Carl Judick   7 Hackney, Middx
William Farley Groom U, 20 Burwash, Sussex
Hermann G Muller American Lawyer U, 47 Germany
John Scheu Cabinet Maker U, 20 Bethnal Green, Middx
Ernest Dechtmeier Coppersmith W, 74 Germany
Ernst Brum Carman M, 34 Limehouse, Middx
Carl Hellmann Confectioner U, 57 Germany
John Ralph Groom U, 23 Ipswich, Suffolk
John Walter Baker M, 59 Germany
John Gresen Baker U, 19 Germany
John Hansen Sailor U, 47 Sweden
George Sheppard Optician U, 53 Islington, Middx
Henry Simon Baker U, 35 Germany
Paul Ripton Cellarman M, 48 Paddington, Middx
Edward Miller Cook M, 35 Germany
Frederick Brink Cabinet Maker M, 25 Bethnal Green, Middx
Lindon Keightley Commercial Clerk U, 15 Hackney, Middx
Conrad Schultz Baker M, 52 Prussia
Wilhelm Gutmann Musician M, 27 Prussia
John Mohrmann Messenger W, 48 Prussia


So that’s the total of the hospital inhabitants on the day of the 1881 census. Many were in occupations where you’d expect to have industrial accidents and become hospitalised - but an American Lawyer, and a musician? It was interesting to note that many of the older Germans had anglicised their first names and you could see that several of the British-born people had German surnames so were probably first generation. Those that came from Württemberg can be looked up in the Len Metzner indexes.

Jenny Towey, Vice-President



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